Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Technorati: Knowledge is Power?

I have just 'claimed' this blog on the Technorati site. This was a fairly simple procedure which I hope will give me a little better idea of who is coming and going from my site. For example, the information of Technorati have given me a 'long tail' ranking - 1,626,267 - and records that this blog has 2 links from 2 blogs tracked by Technorati (let's face it ...that definitely gives me scope for becoming the most improved blog in 2007). It is also useful to know that I had a link from Technoliteracy even though I can not make head nor tail of the context or timing. However, I am a bit unsure how the whole thing works (nothing new for me in the blogger sphere). Maybe some one or some thing will pick up on this post and direct me to a decent link!



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