Friday, January 28, 2005

Protest Again

In contrast to the civic spirit of last week there was air of hostility at the Road Protest today. In fact, there was an brooding sense of impending confrontation.

This sense of confrontation was particularly marked at the tree houses built by Boris and Janus and the other protestors to protect the fine old trees that line the Soulbury Road. Everyone in the vicinity of these trees was videoed constantly by the police. There were also some private security contractors on the site (though they did not seem to be doing much other than freezing their n*ts off). I felt it was best to deal with this problem by waving at everyone who waved a camera in my direction and by taking pictures back...however I am not sure that this was a particularly effective counter to being treated like a criminal.

However, despite these troubles there were also some good to had from this situation. For example, it is surprizing how many motorists toot their horns in support of the protest as they drive past. Similarly, the friendship and mutual support to be found around the camp fire. I hope this spirit of the protest continues.


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