Monday, March 26, 2007

Number of the Beast: President Bush in Office

Did you know that there are 666 days until we get a new president of the Benighted State of America?

I know this somewhat odd fact care of the 'President Bush Countdown' add-on for the Firefox browser.I have to say that this number still looks rather large to me ( plenty of time for the fool to mess things up further). However, it is enjoyable to watch the number tick down towards zero. Now you could accuse me of being rather over-optimistic about the outcome of the next ( or for that matter any other) presidential election. However, I have yet to find a plug-in that deals directly with issues of race, systemic injustice, mass media manipulation or other cultural issues. However, there are lots of other interesting and useful add-ons on the mozilla add-on site (Of course, you will have to download and install firefox before you enjoy all these goodies!).

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