Monday, February 19, 2007

One More Link: Yet More Technorati Rankings

I have just collected another link from Chris Joseph - Digital Writer in Residence at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, UK. This gives this blog another link from another blog and an increase on the rankings of about 50,000 (Ranking: 1,214,544 - 5 links from 3 blogs. I guess this shows how the power curve starts to get steeper at this point in the curve ( though it is still basically flat). I should not expect to see another huge leap in my fortunes until I have collected many more links. Of course, links are only one way of looking at traffic. All the old indicators do still apply - anyone remember those dodgy-looking hit counters at the bottom of everyone's home page. However, they show a level of commitment beyond merely glancing at the old piece of copy. Perhaps I ought to resort to paying people to link at this point - Now that would be sad!



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