Monday, February 19, 2007

British Consulate, Canberra, ACT

This fine image of the British Consulate in Oz was taken by one of my esteemed colleagues at the Univ of Beds.

I am posting this image here by way of protest. As the British Government, in its finite wisdom, thought it would be a great wheeze to require my colleague to fly all the way from the UK to Australia and back simply to get a bureaucratic seal put on his documents - thus permitting him to then return to the job he has been doing ably for the last couple of years. Nice One!

Where to start - Well there's the Global Climate Change issue, the Waste of Academic Funds issue, there is the possible Thrombosis issue ( from flying for so long)...there's the what's wrong with our system that it requires such a patently idiotic trip! issue.

Surely this could have been done in the UK!


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