Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flickr = 2000 views

I noticed today that I have clocked up over 2000 views on my flickr account. It seemed fitting to post one of my latest pictures to mark this small milestone event.

My five most-viewed pictures make some interesting reading:-

Number 1 is an image of Pat Kane ( WetWetWet?) playing lego at Playtime! last autumn (140 views). He's a pop star so I guess his fans are looking at this one ( though I would be intrigued to know how they come across this particular image - tags? search engine?)

Number 2 is a picture of the the toilet queue for the Big Green Gathering BGG (107 views). There are no famous people in shot, however, I included this image in a flickr group dedicated to the festival and I am guessing that there are a number of people ( like me) fascinated by the pragmatic side of big public events.

Number 3 is a photograph I am actually proud of. This is a an image of a 'green goddess' piece of art work I shot at the BGG last summer ( 106 views).

Number 4 is a also a rather nice shot of a group of kids playing with a large inflatable world (93 views). I am proud of the fact that a couple of people have even made these last two images favourites. I am not a photographer so it is a great honour to have a stranger pick out one of my snaps.

Number 5 is an image from 1989. I loaded up some scans of the pictures I took in Berlin when the wall came down (85 views). This is clearly still an important event as a number of my images of this historic moment have been looked at over the last year.

The image that accompanies this post is a detail of the air conditioning system on the tower of the Space Centre in Leicester, UK. I rather liked these bits of pipe because they reminded me of hands clutching the side of the building. Let's see how well this image does in Gavin's photo chart 2007.


Blogger jumping jack said...

I realize that I made a bit of a boob in this post by associating Pat Kane with Wet Wet Wet. Pat is, of course, part of Hue and Cry http://www.hueandcry.co.uk/. In fact if I had looked up Pat's name in wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Kane) I would have saved myself a lot of embarrassment.

I guess I won't be winning the pub quiz any time in the near future!

6:24 PM  

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