Friday, February 11, 2005

Slippage - Beta Test Version

I have just put up the first full version of 'Slippage'. This is a joint project between myself and Mark Goodwin for Phoenix Arts, Leicester, UK.

Mark and I were both keen to do something that marked some aspect of the ideas of the late great Jacques Derrida. This work, therefore, deals with the nature of meaning-making in poetry. It has three phases that move the centre of gravity of the poetic process from the us the author-participants, out to the reader and the context beyond. It uses sound and visuals to challenge the notion that a poem is written object; suggesting instead that it is an event.

The design and the production of 'Slippage' has been an interesting experience for me. Mark provided the original poem and the voice recording so I have been focusing on the visuals and the process. In a way, I have felt rather 'exposed' not having any say in the say. After all I came to the computer from poetry. However, I have also felt suitably challenged. It has made me re-think my journey.

This version is a test version ( isn't every thing on the Web). Please post a comment here on this blog and let us know what you think!


Blogger emily said...

Hi Gavin
I have just had my first look at Slippage with the audio included. It works really well! I had heard the poem numerous times when I went with Mark to the recording session, but combined with the animation, it really came to life for me. Fantastic.

11:28 AM  

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