Monday, August 22, 2005

I have just discovered something rather pleasent about blogs

In my last posting I had complained bitterly that I had received a spam posting to my blog. This spam posting had rather narked me at the time (mainly because I had got, rather naively, excited about receiving a comment – How sweet!). However, there is a silver lining to this tale of ‘one cyber-ostrich and a spam post’ because my anguished cry brought me a swiftly despatched angel from the blogosphere (in the form of the digital sextant) who put me on to a number of good sites that address these issues. In hindsight I can see that blog spam is a rather inevitable development as it allows the spammer to manipulate a number of search engines that use the number of links to a particular page to rate sites. This kind of spam is a very crude mechanism to get them some attention!However, having said that I see it as being inevitable I don’t condone the action of these spammers. Far from it, I see their actions as being the digital equivalent of an insecure child that wrecks a creative session by constantly wanting the leader’s attention. Time to grow up chaps…and find a mature way of getting attention to your company’s site (for example – you might try producing a product and service that actually performs a useful purpose).


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