Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Have the Flowers Bloomed?

There is definately a sea change occuring in the web at the moment. A number of ground-breaking projects are reaching the end of their life. I read today that UBUWEB is closing its doors to new work.

The Editors note:


UbuWeb | 1996-2005

Dear Friends,

The UbuWeb Project -- a decade-long experiment in radical distribution of avant-garde materials -- has finished. Founded in 1996, the project has been a success beyond anyone's wildest expectations. As of Spring, 2005, it averaged over 10,000 visitors daily and hosts nearly a terabyte of artworks in all media by over 500 artists.

The site will be donated to a university shortly, where it will be archived intact for posterity. Please note that the site will no longer be updated. A URL linking to the archive will be posted on this page.

The editors wish to thank you for supporting this experiment and, as a result, may a thousand flowers bloom in its wake.

The Editors


The question is -- Does this mark a positive change? Is the change the mark of success - a victory for network culture if you will or has the early energy of the web-wonderers being swallowed by a tidal wave of banality. Have the Flowers Bloomed?

I have noticed that my computer habits have changed of late. I have begun to embrace bloglines - the RSS reader. It is the first piece of software I turn on in the mornings ( even before e-mail). I enjoy the posting coming to my eyes. I journey. I seek. I have re-embraced e-mail lists ( after a long period a way). I have re-embraced the physical gallery and the conference!

However, I really enjoyed the access to different voices through UBUWEB. I enjoyed the fact that I knew where to find it.

It is too early in the day for obits. I was a journeyman before - and I can be a journeyman again. I can seek out new voices elsewhere - I can tramp, a camel through the desert - to come to again to a new oasis - and nibble on the dates of some new dangerous and daft art experiences!


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