Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Green Gathering

I have just spent a family weekend at the Big Green Gathering. This was an immersive, full-on festival experience. There were lectures on energy policy, speakers, bands, workshops and healing massages. I enjoyed drifting through the festival spaces taking in the informal happenings and the stunning art works dotted across the fields. There were carnival costumes, naked bikers and a guy hanging upside down from a tree playing the guitar. I was particularly struck by the green woman sculpture featured in this image (and would love to know who the artist is).

Away from the more frenetic parts of the festival I enjoyed the calm consideration of the healing zone (along with a vigorous indian massage). I also enjoyed the wealth of activities for children. The child-friendly spirit of the festival adds an extra dimension for adults, mainly because I felt relaxed about letting my daughter run around in a car-free space. However, like any festival the toilets were a trial and the tents were packed in so tightly that it was not the 'alone with nature experience' that some people expect when they go camping.


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