Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is this the end for the PC screen?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Projector size of sugar cube made

The technology section of BBC News is reporting the laser-based data projector pictured above. It is certainly small and could be fitted into phones and the like so that they can be turned into projector devices. I can see a market for such a device because it would certainly make life easier for anyone, like me, who is forced to lug-around a data projector as part of their kit. In the longer term, I can also imagine in this world of hot-desks and cramped offices that this kind of device might stand in for a desk top screen, as all one would have to do it clear a bit of wall space (or put up a piece of white card) in front of your desk. It will feel really odd to have adequate space in which to work!

However, there is always some kind of caveat in a tech story. This particular projector has a limited colour set (based on blue and red lasers), as the team have yet to make a small enough green laser, so I don't expect that I will be giving up my daily dose of radiation any time in the near future.


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