Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Water, water everywhere...!

I must confess that I am not always best pleased when it rains in August. August is the picnic season. The holiday season. The laying in the park season. August is cricket... and it should only rain on the days when England are in trouble. Today, however, was something of an exception!

The day began badly with a cold and powerless shower at my B and B. Followed by no water in the tap for an earlier morning cuppa.

Grounds for ligitation?
Time for tears?

Well not exactly, as I needed to wake up anyway and it was not the fault of the good folks at the Yew Tree. The main had burst up on Clifton Lane and there was NO WATER. No water in the pipe that is..there was plenty falling from the sky as I walked work!

The day appeared to be taking a turn for the worse when I realized that there was no water at the trAce offices either. No tea or coffee, drinks of toilet! However, as I mentioned earlier, it has been raining. Infact, it has been persisting and many a drip has been plopping from the roof and gutters of P block onto the patch of path outside the offices.

Time for some lateral thinking!

With a bin, a washing up bowl and a good eye for where the drips were dropping it was possible to collect enough water to fill up the toilet cistern (and keep some basic biological amenities). It was really quite enjoyable to stand in the rain and catch free water from the sky. It was quite pleasing to salute the other enterprising souls who had had the same idea.

Later on the Uni system kicked in. The university team arranged for portable chemical toilets to be delivered. Bottled water was piled up outside the main building. It was quite impressive really.... a bit of stiff upper lip and planning. The ladies in the canteen radiated a sense of pride as they served a hot lunch ("...nothing steamed or boiled of course love...").

It is sad to say but I really felt part of something today.

Let's hear it for the good old English crisis!


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