Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tax Return Day

I have been beavering away over my tax return to day. Well to be brutally honest...I have been beavering away at not filling in the form!

I find myself amazed at the banality of the activities I get busy on in order to avoid filling in half-a-dozen numbers. Today, for example, I cleaned the bath...I got the broom out and swept the kitchen floor twice...I then leapt on the bike and went shopping for loo roll before I finally called time on my avoidance procedures having caught myself reading an 'all-important' tech spec ( that I would not dream of reading on any other day of the year).

I am also amazed at how very sweaty I get when I am faced by an Inland Revenue form ( It is probably a good job that I cleaned that bath). I have always seen this as evidence that I am an Honest John. More likely it is just an indication of how middle class and cringingly conformist I've become. However, I am sure that I am not the only one who gets nervous filling in forms. It must smell like the fishing fleet is in port when they open up the envelopes over at Tax Towers.

The truly amazing thing about this avoidance saga is that I am always pleasantly surprised at how little time it takes to fill in the relevant boxes when I actually do it! My partner and I have developed a system over the years...and it is all such small beer at the end of the day that it does not require a rocket scientist ( or an accountant) to get it done.

I am off to the post box now.

Currently, I am working myself up into a needless funk worrying about whether I have put enough postage on the envelope!

Feel the Fear....and Fill the Form!


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