Friday, September 22, 2006

Farewell to the PC screen - Take 2

BBC NEWS | Technology | Roll-up screens 'moving closer'

Well what do you know...the Beeb are reporting another screen-killing technology today. This one is a roll-up screen that is made of a 'smart' metallic material. Funnily enough, my first impressions of this image was that it was a picture of a papyrus scroll, a technology that was suceeded by the codex book a few hundred years ago. It would something of an irony if the scroll was the technology that ended our cultural love-affair with the book. Somehow I can't see however. I like the 'virtual' projector solution I blogged yesterday. It appears to be a lot less bulky and more flexible. I guess it will come down to issues of weight, resolution and colour. Watch this space! 

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