Thursday, October 26, 2006

Firefox 2.0 is go!

I have just downloaded Firefox2.0.

I can not say that I have got to grips with every aspect of this browser but I can see already that it is going help my workflow when I am blogging and developing. I have just added the 'performancing' add-on and as you can see it is good for posting. What I like about this free add-on is that it is blogging (with a text editor) in a drop-and-drag 'browser-based' environment. It has the ability to save notes and images so that it possible to build up the assets for a post during the course of the day in a scrapbook kind of a way. For example, I dropped and dragged the image above into this post which meant that I did not have to think about URLs or image tags. The webpage is in the upper pane and the blog editor is in the lower page. Perhaps my only worry with this way of working is that it is almost too easy to post. I am going to forget all the html I have learnt. I am also worried that I will have to remind myself that when I am repurposing other peoples text and images that I need to acknowledge their contribution.

The other features that I like about Firefox2.0 is the web development toolbar. This should make testing quicker and more effective as you can disable cookies, cache and javascript within the browser. This will, at least, quantify the many issues to be considered when testing a new site.

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